Select Home Warranty

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  • 2 Extra Months Free
  • Flexible warranty plan
  • Prompt and dependable service
  • 24/7 response
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable service fee for costly repairs


  • Only the highest plan includes both appliances and systems
  • Not available in all states (WI, WA, NV)
  • Service Cancellation charge ($60 to $75)

With the popular phrase "Shield your wallet, Shield your home", Select Home Warranty lives up to its name by shielding the home from multiple-permanent damages, and your pocket from spending high and unplanned. 

Select remains a top option to consider for home warranty plans. In 2019, Select ranked among the best home warranty companies, and over years it has garnered numerous positive reviews and other significant recognitions. 

The beauty of the warranty plans offered is the flexibility. 

The Bronze plan(Appliances only) costs: $379 

The Gold plan costs(system only): $379 

The platinum plan costs(allows you to choose items): $449 

And a service fee of $60 - $75 

 If you are a homeowner, all appliances( frequently used or otherwise) are duly covered. In this way, you have peace of mind, fully aware of your access to repairs or replacement promptly, and cheaper than normal. Unexpected breakdown won't eat deep into your budget or affect the quality of life. 

Select Home Warranty extends its services to realtors intending to add value to properties. Generally, for property flippers, the use of a home warranty adds value to the properties on auction. After revamping the home, installing new systems, repairing the roof, and fixing appliances. It's best to subscribe to a home warranty plan for standby repairs should anything go wrong. 

Select Home Warranty works with realtors in this regard to keep the standard of the home and make it as comfortable as possible for the new owners. 

One of the perks of choosing Select Home Warranty is the fantastic customer service they provide -- always friendly and ready to help -- they are very informative and patient. Speaking to one, you can decide on a suitable home plan that covers all or some appliances and home systems. 

Get a free quote on the Select online service, visit the Select Home Warranty to take advantage of the free quote that gives an estimated cost of a plan that will effectively cover your household appliances including kitchen appliances, living room gadgets, and systems like roofing & plumbing.

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