Home Service Club Warranty

Review by trusted experts


  • Flexible warranty plan
  • 24/7 available contact
  • 30-day guarantee on all repairs


  • Pricing not available before a quote
  • Not available in all states
  • Claims should be filed within 3 days

Home Service Club (HSC) home warranty is reputable, winning the 2015 & 2016, and 2020 home-warranty-review best service awards. With more accolades in other fields of service, it's safe to say HSC is one the best to consider for home warranty plans. 

Two major plans are advertised by HSC, the standard and comprehensive versions of the home warranty plan. HSC services also enable users to choose a customizable plan. Regardless, the two plans, standard and comprehensive allow you to choose based on budget. 

The standard plan covers some appliances across the home including systems; electrical systems and plumbing amongst a few others. 

The comprehensive plan provides full coverage including the standard type and added services like ductwork, smoke detectors, fixing doorbells, and other items in the home. The service fee ranges from $65 to $125 depending on the plan. 

The two plans are designed to help you deal with sudden breakdown since it's virtually impossible to prevent damages to appliances and systems. When the unexpected happens, you get a repair or object replacement. The repair is conducted by a professional contractor and the response time is fast. Should the objects be difficult or impossible to repair, you get a replacement at a reduced cost; no hassle no pocket-breaking expense. 

As a homeowner, you can enjoy peace of mind purchasing any of the Home Service Club warranty plan. Realtors who buy and sell property can join the league of real estate agents already using the services. 

Here's a bonus service for all subscribers; access to information(on the website) to help keep the home in good shape. While it's impossible to prevent damages, it's possible to keep the appliances and systems well maintained to avoid bad break down. 

Address: 305 Broadway

7th Floor
New York, NY 10007