InHome Warranty

Review by trusted experts


  • Prompt and fast response
  • Uses local contractors for fast service delivery
  • No limit on number of claims
  • +1 month Free


  • Coverage is riddled with limitations
  • Fewer years of service
  • Longer response time on weekend

InHome warranty, a home warranty company that uses its network of certified and experienced professionals to provide top quality service in the repair of home appliances and home systems. 

In-home gives the option to subscribe to a total or basic plan. These plans cover different household appliances and systems. The basic plan covers the electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. Added to the systems, kitchen appliances covered include dishwasher, oven, fans, garage opener, garbage disposal, and ductwork, and a few others. 

The Total plan encompasses all that the basic plan offers with the inclusion of a conditioning system, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. Due to the number of appliances available, it may be difficult to include all types. InHome however has a provision to add other items to the plan selected.

One of the major benefits of choosing Inhome Warranty is the transparency and ease of use. There are no hidden exceptions or requirements. When a claim is approved, a contractor assesses the damage and repair ensues. 

The service fee is pegged at $60 for each contractor called out. Based on what the plan covers, replacement is a viable option if repair isn't feasible. The response time is fast as the customer care operates around the clock all day. Within two days, of making a claim, a contractor is assigned during the week while it may take four days on weekends or public holidays. 

With over a decade of nationwide quality service delivery, InHome warranty remains a top choice home warranty company with a simple and transparent coverage plan.