Total Home Protection

Review by trusted experts


  • No limit on number of claims
  • Customizable plans to fit the budget
  • 24/7 Claims Hotline
  • 3 Different Coverage Options
  • Prompt and fast response


  • Low coverage caps
  • Service cancellation charge
  • Not available in all regions

Total home protection is a top choice home warranty company providing significant discounts on repairs and replacement of damaged appliances and systems. Total home spells out natural wear and tear as the cause of the break down which their warranty covers.

On subscribing to any of the plans, a month free bonus is added to the duration of the plan selected. The two major plans are gold and platinum, then an optional arrangement to add uncovered items. One of the downsides of using Total Home Protection is the absence of pricing on the website. It requires filling in details to get a quote for the gold and platinum plans.

The gold plan costs $419 annually with a free month included. Items in the gold are cooktops, Heater Dishwasher, and more. However, some key items usually included by other companies are not included; items like a refrigerator, clothe washer, and conditioning unit. To enjoy coverage on these items, the platinum plan is required. The platinum also covers all the items in the gold plan and some more. Added to the plans, an optional choice is allowed to include other items not covered in the plans. This comes at an extra cost as expected.

There are exceptions in the coverage of both plans. The terms and conditions of service on the Total Home Protection websites list out appliance parts excluded in the coverage. For the refrigerator or similar items, there are terms and conditions concerning repairs.

Contractors are vetted before joining the Total Home Protection team of Certified contractors. You are assured of quality service from an experienced professional. The service fee is among the list of unknown prices alongside the prices for optional items that can be added.

Address: 300 McGaw Drive, 2nd Floor, Edison, NJ 08837

Telephone: 800-545-0402