Complete Care Home Warranty

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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Up to 20 systems and appliances
  • Transfer your policy to a new homeowner
  • Home inspections aren't required for coverage
  • 30 days free trial
  • Repair or Replace


  • Fine on cancelled service
  • Not available in all regions
  • Warranty excludes small appliances

New to the block but with Jaw-dropping offers, Complete Care Home Warranty company is fast becoming a top choice for homeowners across the nation. Operating in over 45 states, Complete Care Home Warranty makes coverage subscription offers enticing. 

Three plans are open to homeowners across the country with good coverage of home appliances and systems. The plans are simplified and you have access to select any appliance or system of choice. 

The Appliance plan covers 10 home appliances except for small kitchen equipment. The coverage covers only the 10 registered appliances. Damage to any of the registered appliances will be repaired at a service fee and not the usual expensive repair cost. 

The second plan is a System only plan with a six-system limit. Six home systems included in the plan may entail heat systems, plumbing systems, and other important home systems. 

The Combo plan is the all-encompassing plan that offers the joint benefit of the appliance and system plans. 20 items can be incorporated into the combo plan; 16 from the combination of the first two plans then 4 other optional items. 

The pricing is scheduled for a yearly basis. The appliances and system plans start from $420 and the combo at $499 annually. A refund can be requested for unsatisfactory service. 

Complete care home warranty allows the inclusion of appliances despite the age. Also, no inspection of home systems and appliances is required. Simply purchase coverage and start to benefit from the unlimited claims during the coverage period. 

All-day, throughout the week and year, you can reach out to the helpful customer care to have access to a claim. 

The network of contractors registered to Complete care home warranty is dispatched promptly to attend to claims. With a service fee of $45, you can have appliances and systems fixed or replaced.